Editing Heading levels from the keyboard

I’ve been testing Panda, and for the most part it looks cleaner and is just as nice to use as plain-old Bear! However, there is one thing that feels like a regression: Titles/Headings

Right now, in Bear, I can go and manually edit the #s at the beginning of the line to change the heading level from H1 (#) to H2 (#) or vice versa. However, in Panda, trying to delete the # at the beginning of the line deletes ALL Hashes, and then you have to type them all again.

It’s a small thing, but this kind of Polish is what makes Bear special, so I figured I’d chime in.

We decided to apply to headers the same behavior other text attachments have when come to deleting or writing near them. This comes with some cons as you noticed but you can make use of the shortcuts for changing the header level (it takes fewer keystrokes compared to moving the beginning of the line)