Deleting into the heading doesn’t change the heading

Wasn’t sure how to title this one, forgive the ambiguity!

In Bear 1, deleting the heading text and into the “##” for an h2 would change the size of the heading (ie it would move it from an H2 to an H1).

In Bear 2, is seems that the heading markdown doesn’t remove the # as a character but moves the heading up the page.

This is not ideal for me personally but also seems to be unexpected behavior with such a text-driven workflow. I’d expect the Bear 1 workflow, which seems consistent with other markdown editors and note apps.


we want to move from how B1 behaved because the new icons do not give UI feedback on the current header level and because it was the only marker that worked that way. The current ⌫ behavior is something we want to change, it follows how some WYSIWYG editors work but it is kind of unexpected for an MD editor.