Headline Level Indicator in Panda is not explicit enough

Is it just me, or is the format plus indication of headlines in Panda a “step back” from the current version?!

Its about two things which bug me:

  1. Indicator is the same for H1 and H4 (and H2 = H5 and H3 = H6)
  2. Format for H4, H5 and H6 is the same

It’s hard to distinguish the level of headlines in panda and since indicators are hidden now it’s impossible to structure the note without clicking on the headline again and again to check what level it is.

I like the clear visual to see level of headlines in the current version of bear more.


100% agree. H1-h6 headings in gutter are strongly my preference.

However, they will have an option not to hide markup, so at least you won’t need to click on heading to see structured data

Thats good to hear and would improve the current state to a certain degree.

But even then i would vote for keeping the current indicators for “H1 … H6”
instead of the hard to read “3-lines-burger-indicator” for headlines in Panda :wink:

I wonder, this might can be an advanced setting option. I don’t think it is difficult to have both options there, it is just a pretty rendering of hashes after all. :thinking::thinking: