Bring back heading level (H1, H2, H3) in note gutter

One of the biggest —if not the single most important— differentiators of Bear note was the placement of the header level indicator in the gutter.

This created a super neat presentation layout overall for notes. Personally, I could get used to anything else but the removal of heading level in the page gutter.

I use markdown hiding, and I’m loving it. But I strongly believe the Hx system (H1, H2 etc) should replace the current icon indicator for headers, regardless of markdown visibility.

At this point, a clear indication of header levels using Hx style should not even be considered an exclusive markdown feature —it is an ABSOLUTE essential!

It is an incredible utility than mere aesthetics. Using an icon does not even begin to cut it.

Hx style offers precision to the writing experience. And would be perfect as offered in Bear 1— in the margin gutter.


I second this completely!


I definitely hope the team sees this. @trix180


For me hiding the markup and the heading levels gives a cleaner result.
However, for markup addicts, the option to show/hide is given in Bear 2.


Nowhere did I advocate for hiding or showing markup. I was very specific about simply the header level. Unless you think denoting the header level in a clear form like H1 automatically makes it markup. In which case, I have news for you.

You must be referring to iOS as the Mac already displays the heading indicator in the gutter. But showing the indicator in the iOS gutter too would probably mean the margin would have to increase, and I don’t really like that idea. B1 has way too big margins for the narrow phones of today, imo.


I totally agree with this. I loved those Hx icons and don’t like the new bars at all. They just aren’t as clear.


Hello everyone, we’ve just posted a small update on this matter → Visual representation of headings: an update from the team.

Let us know what you think :slight_smile:


I think this is spot on