Headings in Alpha

The way that Panda handles headings is an absolute dream, However it would also be nice to have some visual cue for which Heading it is, H2 and H3 can look very similar when only a few lines apart.

Overall love the changes and thank you guys for the hard work you put in!

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Hello there,

thank you for the feedback, we’re aware that the current headers’ icons are a bit similar, but we still haven’t found anything different that pleases us :smiley:

I’ll try to re-open the discussion with the team and see if we can find something new for it.


I had no clue those lines were even indicators of heading level LOL. Just realized that. Maybe you do something like this…(the 2 headings after the title are H2s). Then H3. Last is H4.

[Updated to show H5 and H6 on the right side.]

@Matteo @trix180 Adding a vote to this. It gives us clearer indication to 4th, 5th, 6th headers and the bold feels to visualise faster and better on which header I am currently using.

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If you’re referring to my mock-up & idea, thank you.

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