Header Icon Feedback

Another note on the header icon now used in Panda:

If you are looking to streamline the UI for this, using a “paragraph-like” icon to the left of the header isn’t intuitive, especially as you distinguish the header menu option pulldown at the top of the Panda editor with an H and have a separate, similar paragraph menu icon to the right of that.

Perhaps you could use the H icon in lieu of the current, and when clicked there’s an indicator as to the H level. Right now, for example, when clicking on the existing “paragraph” icon to the left of a header, you don’t even see which H level has been applied.

(The above all assuming you’re not interested in going back to normal h1., h2, h3 — which might just be better.

Also, may be my eyesight, but I enjoy the additional rounded curving on inline code, code blocks and highlights. Subtle, but preferred over the harder edges.

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My two cents on the header icon:

I prefer visible markup, so I would prefer to see # or ## or ### to show headings. It would be even better for me if the #, ##, ###, etc. wasn’t in the gutter and was exactly where I typed it.