A Tag Followed by and Underscore Becomes a Header

Testing version:
(can replicate both across ios and macos)

What were you doing:
Typing a tag followed by a line:


What feature did you use:

What happened:
The tag font size became became a header

What did you expect to happen:
The tag to remain the same size but have a line below it.

Hi there,

If you type a hashtag then a space before the phrase, it will become a header.

As Panda supports nested styles, tags can now also be included in headers. If a tag is included in the header, it will be a larger size to match the header size.

Can I just confirm, is the picture you included your desired outcome?

If so, to achieve this, make sure you are not in a current header and that you don’t use the a space after the hashtag (as it’ll create a header). Then after you create your desired tag, you can insert a separator with the shortcut Option Command S or go to the bullet point drop down icon in the toolbar and select separator.

Hoping this helps, but if you’ve any further questions let me know!

If you use the shortcut option + command + S, it won’t make it the header, if you manually type in --- it will produce it as a header.
I’ve heard there are two types of behaviour markdown handle with --- and panda uses both.

I think I did a terrible job of explaining it; going to give it another crack :smile:

So the issue is that:

  1. You have a tag (i.e. #tag - so not a header, no space or anything).
  2. On the line below it add a separator by typing dashes.
  3. Adding the separator makes the tag on the line above become a header.

Below is the same note in Bear, which is what I would expect it to look like:

Attached a screen recording of it in action. which hopefully should be a bit clearer.

I think you’re on to something here. From what I can tell you can use underscores to indicate a header. So:


Should create a header. So it looks like Panda is interpreting the dashes both as a horizontal line and as indicating that the line above is a heading. Bear however just sees it as a horizontal line.

From the Daring Fireball markdown syntax guide:

You can produce a horizontal rule tag by placing three or more hyphens, asterisks, or underscores on a line by themselves. If you wish, you may use spaces between the hyphens or asterisks. Each of the following lines will produce a horizontal rule:

* * *



- - -


So not sure if bug or just a markdown edge case; can always use one of the other methods of creating the line…

As a side note the cmd+option+s shortcut doesn’t work on iPad :frowning: