Minor bug: Tag joined with following colon and text when migrating database from to Bear 2.0

Testing version: Bear 2.0 (9652), Mac macOS 12.6 (21G115)

What were you doing: Opening Bear 2.0 for the first time = database from Bear 1 was imported automatically.

What feature did you use: Automatic import

What happened: Tags which (in Bear 1 notes) were followed by colon and (immediately, without space) with another text/character/word, were joined together with this subsequent word. If there was a space between colon and next word, the tag was imported correctly.

In Bear 1, a note has this text: #TODO :Edit this article once more (space only after tag TODO, but not after colon) was imported as #TODO:Edit tag (= space after original tag from Bear 1 was omitted and tag was joined with subsequent colon and word)

#TODO : Edit this article... (space both after and before colon) was imported correctly = without change, as #TODO tag

It seems the bug is only with colon. I tested the same issue with hyphen (-), it worked without a problem.

What did you expect to happen: No change between Bear 1 and Bear 2 as for tags


I got a related issue, on Build Version 2.0 (9652):

In Bear 1:

In Bear 2:

I don’t want those numbers interpreted as tags.

Edit: Same issue with comma:
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I agree that this is quite annoying, maybe this should be a separate bug report?

This is the same type of bug so I don’t think it’s necessary to open a new bug report.

Actually, I might agree with @cipher , these might be two separate issues:

  1. My bug (daneb1): Original tag (in Bear 1) was joined with subsequent text (when using colon without space) as new compose tag (in B2) - this is what I reported

  2. Your bug (joborg707): Non-tag text in B1 (sole numbers, which could not be used as tags in B1 without hashtags from both sides) is translated as tags in B2. In B2 (is it bug, or not?) the colon seems to function as another, ending hashtag:

My tests:

  • In Bear 2, I cannot create numeric tag (only number “2”), using just hashtag and number #2 - it remains as text, it is the same behavior as in Bear 1
  • I can create numeric tagusing two hashtags #2# - also the same behavior as in B1
  • But I also can create the same tag (“2”) in B2 using starting hashtag and ending colon (#2:) - this translates as tag “2” and colon remains as part of the following text. And this is related what @joborg707 reported.

This was a bug in Bear 1, using colons should not have joined tags.

This is going to be an unlucky case where the tags will be slightly different from Bear 1 to Bear 2, we’re trying to prevent this as much as possible, but this was just incorrect in Bear 1 :slight_smile:

Wait, I’ve re-read that and I might have got it wrong:
you had #TODO :Edit this article once more working correctly in Bear 1 as #TODO tag and the migration changed it to #TODO:Edit?

This is not correct and shouldn’t happen, if you can send me the note containing that text (without copy/pasting it, export it as a Bear note) and I’ll take a look at it.

I have sent you DM with link to both files.