Bear 2.0 Migration: Random numbers as tags

Testing version: v2.0

What were you doing:
Onboarding / migrating my tags

What happened:
Seemingly random numbers show up as tags, each with one or two notes inside. It seems like this is only happening with nested tags. See the image below

Edit: Upon further investigation, it seems like it’s because I wrote “#4” in my notes without meaning it to be a tag


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Same thing happened to me. Numbers written out with a hashtag and number in B1 are rendering as tags in B2.

Same for me the tags in a note were written thus #1:
The attached file shows how they look for me.
Screen Shot 2022-10-08 at 1.01.09 pm

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Same, with further describing in this post: Minor bug: Tag joined with following colon and text when migrating database from to Bear 2.0 - #2 by joborg707

This is going to be fixed in the new beta :slight_smile: