Nested Tags: initial import results in double hashed tags

Testing version:
2.0 (10084)

What were you doing:
Ran the initial import using the above version to bring in around 400 notes from my Bear 1 database

What feature did you use:
Import from Bear 1

What happened:
All nested tags resulted in being double hashed even though none of them contain spaces or “illegal” characters. For instance:

In Bear 1, I’ve got the tag


But in Bear 2, it’s imported as


What did you expect to happen:

For the tag to be imported exactly the same as it is in Bear 1. It may be a small thing, but trailing hashtags drive me nuts and I’ve built my entire tag schema using Bear’s rules to avoid this issue.


I have the same even in the welcome-message:


Truly, thank you. The code-named Panda alpha test leading up to this was instrumental in bringing the Bear 2 beta, so we appreciate everyone helping us to make Bear the bear-iest Bear 2 it can be. We have some great stuff planned post-launch for Bear 2, so be sure to ==leave your feedback in our beta forum== and ==join our infrequent mailing list== to stay on top of all things Bear.

#Bear 2/welcome#

Thanks for reporting this. Here the double hashtag can indeed be avoided and we’ll check if we can do a better job.


Testing version: Version 2.0 (10209), MacBook Pro 2017, MacOS 13.2

What were you doing: Migrating Library from B1 to B2

What feature did you use: Renamed B2 library (for backup) then opened new B2 beta 10209 → B1 library got migrated.

What happened: All nested tags still get closing # even though NOT containing any spaces or special characters ! (old bug)

What did you expect to happen: Tags kept as in B1

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Any update on this issue?


yes, we are addressing this issue and we’ll do out best to ship a fix with the next update.

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Thank you for the feedback and your hard work, Bear Team!
Looking forward to the Bear 2 beta for iOS and iPad …