Upgrade to Bear 2.0 [Square Brackets] Don't work in Tags

Testing version: 2.0.2 (Now GA)

What were you doing:Upgrading from 1.latest to 2…latest

What feature did you use: Nested Tagging (main reason I moved to Bear)

What happened: Just upgraded to Bear 2.0.2 and noticed that tags based on using special characters [ and ], i.e. square brackets worked fine in 1.X but don’t in v2.X. e.g. #work/sub-tag-name/[review]/sub-sub-tag-name/# now splits the tag into 2.

What did you expect to happen: For all working nested tags in 1.x to work under 2.x. I know you should avoid special characters where possible, but UX should prevent if not valid. Please advise is this is planned to be fixed or how I can search and replace hundreds of notes (Find & Replace appears to be limited to a single Note) with a new tag name as uts built into my nested tagging hierarchy. I have support engaged, but though id share with community.

With version 2 of Bear, we have moved from a custom version of Markdown to the CommonMark standard, and we have also needed to change the syntax for some of the extensions, like tags. While having square brackets inside tags would be nice, it would cause problems. Consider the following Markdown:

#tag [link](example.com/path#fragment)

We want it to be a tag followed by a link, but if accepting square brackets inside tags, it would be a big tag #tag [link](example.com/path# followed by the text fragment).

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