Tab / indent not working as expected

@jwu: an ongoing problem with anyone who updated to Bear 2.x

Apparently the Bear team went through 10k migrations and not even once leading tabs were a problem. As of now, indenting bullet points, todos, and images breaks into code (unintendedly.)

Also, a heavily used hotkey to unindent, Shift + Tab, stopped working altogether.

The culprit seems they switched to a new markdown specification, from Polar (Bear 1.x) to CommonMarkdown (Bear 2.x)

[Update: Several people on the Reddit forums also complaining about the removal of leading tabs. Reply from the developers is, “It’s a feature, not a bug… you are using it wrong!”.

Tons of things that worked in Bear 1.x break with Bear 2.x – tragic.

To complicate things further, no way of downgrading to Bear 1.x exist.

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