Square brackets incorrectly render as link

When will this UX improvement arrive with Bear 2.0 to advise this requirement to format differently? I have just encountered this issue with anything I put in a square brackets when exported to PDF or DOCX is converted to a Hyperlink with no reference. I have thousands of notes impacted by this issue. Also have posted amother issue where if you use [square brackets] within tags these don’t work either. Refer Upgrade to Bear 2.0 [Square Brackets] Don’t work in Tags - Bug Reports - Bear Beta. I broke the IT rule of not using special characters, however when you use bear as an editor without syntax correctly you often forget.

To assist with me correcting this Feature/Bug. AFAIK the search and replace only works within a single note with Bear, do you recommend an approach to searching and replacing thousands of notes that contain [text] within the note and also within the #tag#[sub-tag-with_square_brackets]#sub-sub-tag-without_square_brackets# :slight_smile: I have a support case open, but its been noisey crickets since Bear went GA. :pray: