BUG: URLs with parentheses fixed in Panda...file paths, not so much

Testing version:
1.0 (2208)

What were you doing:
Adding a link to a file on my computer referenced in a Panda note

What feature did you use:

What happened:
When trying to add a file:// link in which the file path includes parentheses — e.g., file:///path/name/contains/(parentheses)/filename.xyz — Panda failed to recognize the link

What did you expect to happen:
Since parentheses in URLs has been fixed in Panda (yay!), I was hoping it would be fixed in file-path hotlinks too, but nope!



from what I’m seeing the parenthesis are fine even in file paths inside links. From your screenshot, you’re using spaces in the file path, and that is something that’s not valid in Markdown.

If you have file paths that contain spaces you need to encode those by replacing the " " with “%20”, you can see an example here: link escaping example.

Let me know if this is what you’re looking for.


Hi @matteo,

In Bear.app, if you…

• Highlight text
• CMD+K to make that text a link
• Type in file:// at the beginning of the address
• Drag a file from the Finder and drop it after the file://
The RESULT is a successful hotlink that takes you to that file in the Finder — i.e., Bear.app knows to turn the spaces into %20

But in Panda, when you do the exact same thing, the spaces in the path are not replaced with %20

And, BTW, when I manually replace the spaces in that path with %20, it does change the text to display as a hotlink…but when I click that link, I get an error sound and nothing happens. So I copied the URL that of that hotlink, and Panda had turned…




I hope the team can get file linking in Panda to work like it does in Bear.

Hi @matteo. Just wanted to make sure you saw this. In Bear, it’s not necessary manually replace spaced with “%20”

So are you saying this is another feature of Bear that will be broken in future versions because of the switch to Markdown?

Hi Robio,

I still haven’t looked into that, but we’ll make sure to have file:/// paths to work properly.

The switch to markdown won’t break any existing feature, it might modify some behaviours, but we want to avoid breaking things as much as possible.


Thanks for the confirmation.

A quick update on this, the current version should be able to work with the file:/// paths, if you copy/paste one of those in the link panel it’ll be encoded automatically for you.


Seems to work with copy-pasting the path, but the only way I know of to do that is via Get Info, which only gives you that path to the parent folder of the file you’re Getting Info about. In Bear, you can type “file://” then drag a file into the panel, and the path would be encoded (although the resulting link wouldn’t work if there were parentheses in the path name).