When using tags starting with colon (:), Bear does not expand hints (suggestions) list

Testing version: Bear 2.0 9803

What were you doing: tagging (using already created tag in another note)

What feature did you use: tags

What happened: When I have already used particular tags (they appear in tagpanel), which are starting with colon (e.g. #:test/one), these tags does note appear in suggestions when I start to write it (e.g. writing “#:t”) in the note. No hint/suggestions (list of already used tags) appears.

I know that colon is used for smileys, but in B1 I also used it for other tags. Is it bug or a plan? Should we potentially avoid using tags starting with a colon (other than emoticons) ?

(I speak about suggestion list of my, individually used tags (not emoticons). Suggestion list of defined emoticons appear correctly)

What did you expect to happen: hints/suggestion list would appear as with other tags


parsing of #tags changed with B2 and #: is no longer recognised as a valid tag, however the autocomplete panel presented for #:t should not be the emjois but tags.

Thanks for reporting this issue.

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Thanks. That is what I wanted to know. No problem with it.