Tags, especially nested tags

One of the strengths of Bear is tags; I use tags all the time, especially nested tags to categorize items of interest. The Panda beta allows tags, but there isn’t a display of those tags in the left column, only the generic tags of color, etc. if Panda is going to do away with tags the way they are currently used, that is a big fail for me. I see there are separate files for docs. Maybe that would work for major topics, like Work, Family, but having every entry as a separate file is not going to work, especially if tags only work within a file.

I like the new keyboards, and the hiding of markdown unless editing. Tables are great. Footnotes, too. Really concerned about the rollback of tags, the best thing about Bear. Hope this is just a beta artifact.

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Hello @MikeS! I’m another alpha tester here, but I can confirm it will be back. Panda has a Welcome note that indicates Panda is just the Editor (third column only) for testing in the larger Bear platform, so all of that will come back which is great news :grin::+1:

Thanks for checking out this early peek into the future of Bear. With this alpha test—code named Panda—we’re focusing on some major new features for the Editor inside of Bear. That means some of its other major components like tags and the Sidebar aren’t here yet. Eventually, we’ll get them in here too.

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If tags remain, that’s great. Frankly, I like the editor.

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The current tagging system in Bear is one of my favorite features. Separate nested tags make it really easy to link notes to multiple projects. E.g, #projects/Li_Yiyuan and #projects/Confucianism, where same note can be used in both. It is also totally cool to be able to reorganize notes by simply editing the related nested tags.

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Is there an approximate date that the current tagging system in Bear can be used with Panda?

Hi George,

It is widely known by our community that we do not provide ETA’s for things.

We understand that this can be frustrating for people, but we have our reasons for this.

Our aim is to release the product of our work when it reaches a quality benchmark, not arbitrary deadline.

Regarding our direction and plan though, we’re currently working on ironing out some bugs from the latest test release of Panda.

There may be a small update or two to Panda after this, but then we’ll be getting ready to merge it with the current Bear.

When we merge it with Bear it will update and replace your current Bear to the merger version, acting as a beta version for our users to test. This will include Bear’s features like the tagging system.

Once feedback is received from that and implemented, 2.0 will be pushed.

Hoping this explanation helps!

Thanks a lot for your answer.
Excited for the final, merger version!!

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No problem at all, always happy to help.

Also glad to hear that you are excited about it!