Feature Request?

I wish panda could also include the notes finder section like bear notes so we don’t have to find notes in the macOS finder. It would be so much more convenient!

Hello! :slight_smile:

Panda is just taking the editor out of Bear as the developers work on rewriting the editor from the ground up.

Panda will be integrated into Bear when they release Bear 2.0, which will include tags / sidebar / etc.

The team are also considering releasing Panda as a standalone markdown editor as well :slight_smile:

Hi there Tony,

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Regarding the above, commenter ZettleZebra below is correct. Panda is just a tester version for the new Editor for Bear.

We’ve essentially removed Bear’s Editor and are improving it outside of Bear, then adding it back in when Panda is finalised.

All Bear’s features like the SideBar with tags, the Notes List, linking etc. will still be available when Panda is added.

Panda was initially just meant to be a throwaway tester for the new Editor for Bear.

However, due to customer feedback we are now thinking about possibly also having Panda as a standalone Editor after it’s added into Bear.

Hoping this answer helps, but if you’ve any other queries or questions let me know!