`[[` doesn't show internal pages. can't create link to internal note

Testing version: Version 1.0 (2952)

What were you doing:Type [[ in the note

What feature did you use: when typing [[, Bear shows the existing internal notes to allow me to create a link for internal note. But nothing shows up

What happened: nothing shows

What did you expect to happen: expected Panda to show the existing/possible internal links

Hi @Seo - Panda is just the raw markdown editor that will soon be incorporated into Bear as “Bear 2.0”. Once in Bear, then you’ll be able to use tags, wikilinks, and all the other features you know from Bear.

I suspect that at some point after Bear 2.0 the team will consider adding more features to Panda to give it more power than just raw markdown editing - but we’ll need to wait and see on that.

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I had an impression that Panda might be Bear 1.0 + new features, but looks like Panda 1.0 is just a standard markdown editor. I found that many Bear 1.0 features are not there in Panda. Looking forward to seeing Bear 2.0.

I also now realise that beta testing is not testing the new Bear Notes experience but a limited subset. So who and how to test the full integration of Panda features into Bear 2.0?

There is no “beta” test for the fully integrated product. It will be rolled out to everyone as part of Bear 2.0. As far as timing, I suspect they are very close. But there’s a double-edged sword to those of us who are beta testing Panda.

On the one hand, each legit bug we find helps lead to a better experience for the masses once Bear 2.0 is released.

On the other hand, each legit bug we find delays the release of Bear 2.0 as developers like to have some period of zero bugs coming in before they drop a release.