[[wiki links]] don't seem to be implemented yet ;-(

Testing version: version 1.0 (2595)

What were you doing: attempting to create and use Wiki links and Cross-Note links

What feature did you use: Wiki links and Cross-Note links as documented in the release notes of Bear 1.7.15. This is a basic notes navigation and organization feature and will be expected to exist in Panda.

What happened: Nothing, the feature does not appear to be implemented yet in Panda.

What did you expect to happen: I expected basic support for Wiki links and ideally support for links to sections within a document to exist too. I should have been prompted for an H1 when entering [[ and be provided the option of creating a new document if the header could not be found. At a minimum, it should be recognized the header of my current file and prompted me for it and for additional subheaders should I press / after selecting a header.

Finally, I also expect support for linking to documents in subfolders and relative folders. If I have a subfolder named subdir and enter [[subdir/ then Panda should prompt me with the H1 headers of documents within the subfolder. Likewise [../ and [[../subdir/ should work too.

Hi cuddles - keep in mind that Panda is simply the editor for what will become Bear 2.0. So features like wiki links and tags, while displaying nicely in Panda, won’t be functional until Panda is integrated back into the Bear framework.

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Hi there Shaun,

Panda is just the test version of the new Editor for Bear.

Wiki links will still be functional in Bear when Panda has been integrated into Bear, but wiki links won’t be added to the test version of Panda.

If you have any other queries or questions in the meantime, let me know as i’d be happy to help!

Does this mean that wikilinks will still show like [[this]], so that they are differentiated from external website links?

Screenshot (they currently look the same and you can’t tell the difference between them):

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Thanks for your work. Backlink will be perfect and simple to add. :pray::pray::pray:

I beg the devs to give at least the option to show the brackets around a cross link. Not having brackets around a cross link is like not seeing the hashtag before a tag - it is not just useful for differentiation but also somehow aesthetical