Visual distinction between links and wiki-links

With the (wonderful!) new auto-hide markdown feature, there’s no longer any visual distinction between a wiki link ([[example]]) and a URL link ([example]( — they both show as red text.

Should other people feel similarly, might it be possible to add some sort of visual distinction between the two? I use both quite heavily, and I’m finding it confusing to review notes that mix them liberally in Panda.


Agreed: having a distinction between the two was really helpful.

Mindful of wanting to have cake and eat it too, I agree with this. Ideal, I think, would be to still (optionally) show the link icon for external links and the note icon for Bear links, so that they are distinguished. Also seconding the thanks for what will be an excellent new feature!

Yeah, this would be a welcome change. At this moment I don’t have a clue on how to differentiate the two links, but I’ll think hard about it :smiley:


Agreed. I find this feature useful too