Panda update - new beta available now!

Hello folks,

In response to popular demand, we’ve rolled out an update for the Panda beta, making it operational once again. You can download it here.

Please note the beta is macOS only, we’ve put the iOS version on hold as we are taking some time to evaluate Panda’s future as a standalone product.

This version mirrors the previous beta and includes bugs that have already been fixed in Bear. Next week, we’ll begin implementing all the fixes into Panda.

Scream if you need the iOS version to save your life or if you have any feedback :slight_smile:

:panda_face: :heart: :rocket:


So happy. Thank you.

:scream: (Me screaming.) I am not sure I need to iOS version to save my life, but it would certainly improve my (text) life immeasurably.


Please make this a standalone product. Like others, I absolutely love it and use it heavily (as a complement to Bear, for the many other contexts where I work with Markdown files outside my notes database).

As a standalone product it would also hopefully justify additional quality of life features (e.g., customization of tabs/spaces behavior, which is important for working with outside files).

Also, I don’t depend on iOS as much as Mac with Panda, but still find it useful.


Thank you so much! Panda has been a godsend to me at work!

it-s so beautiful crying

Edit: To put it another way, I keep my Bear Pro subscription just so I can keep using Panda.


Please let us know if we can send any additional bamboo to keep Panda going! :panda_face:


(Scream) I do need Panda iOS version. :sob::sob:
It worked wonderfully when I tried it. Bring it back to iOS. :pray:t2:

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:scream: :pray: :birthday:

Welcome back Panda.

Don’t let me go anymore.

I think it’s okay to add $1 in addition to Bear Pro subscription.

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You are certainly already very busy with bear. So it’s probably never the right time to say what comes next, so I will say it now: Since a file-based Markdown editor would be even more popular than bear with many users, it would make sense to offer an equivalent parallel product, with a filetree browser, a notes list, wiki-links and single tags (like apple notes). I know, I know … :wink:


Thanks to everyone who made this happen :smiling_face_with_tear:.

FYI> I use Panda to edit the subset of my markdown notes that are stored in DEVONthink instead of Bear. There is a native editor, but it is not in the same league as Panda. I can work Mac or iOS so I’m covered for now, but would truly appreciate a version on iOS down the road as time allows :wink:.


Exactly!!! I mostly use iOS and I’m constantly searching for something like that. Panda definitely needs to live. Come on people, we need Panda to live on. I don’t mind paying for one time purchase, release update upgrade or cheap subscription from Bear team. :ok_hand:t2:
I want Panda to live on Mac and iOS. :muscle:t2:


With Panda, it would be possible to provide more options on how the editor handles markdown and what markdown features it provides. Tell me more about what customizations you need and why they are useful to you. How would you want to customize tabs/spaces, and why does it matter?

Panda could be used as an opportunity to take a slightly different direction. Since working with file-based editors appeals more to pkm-oriented users, you could also implement some features that were rejected in Bear for good reasons. I am thinking in particular of implementing aliases for the name of the note in yaml frontmatter and other stuff. However, this does not mean that the UI philosophy of bear should be abandoned. Two products could be offered in parallel, which would appeal to other user groups or even encourage some users to use both apps.

Personally, I see myself using Bear for PKM, not Panda.

Yes, me too. It was an example to show, that with panda the devs can choose a slightly other direction where you can add features that wouldn’t fit into bear.

In its current state, even without any kind of file browser, panda is nothing more than “just” an editor

But is that a bad thing? I don’t see a native individual Markdown file editor that works as well and is as unobtrusive on the Mac. Even Typora. I’d be ready to pay for Panda to edit my individual Markdown files and never look back.

Ah Ok, I must see that many of you indeed think of just a bare-bone editor in regard to panda while I think of a file based alternative to bear. In that sense, no, it is not a bad thing :wink:

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Bring tabs to Bear

Tabs are the missing feature for me in Bear. Nothing beats the usefulness of horizontal tabs (that I know of). Tabs are…

  • Ubiquitous across macOS
  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy to close
  • Easy to open
  • Easy to close many (think right click and close all to right like VS Code)
  • Easy to have many open tabs (as opposed to having to mange multiple open new windows in current Bear)

I love that Panda has tabs and is available again. Thanks guys!

That being said, my heart beats and pounds and aches for tabs to be implemented in Bear.


It has been said on this forum this was unlikely to come because it would need a massive rewrite.

However, I would love tabs as well.

I rather would prefer to see collected notes in the fourth pane of bear or in a standalone window that holds all opened notes (to choose by any kind of selection ui element, f.e. a popup). I really do not understand the benefit of tabs because in my understanding there is always a main note. And I would like to see other notes to the side of that note. But maybe I am not considering different user scenarios.

In panda however, considered as a baritone editor tabs makes in my eyes more sense

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