Any news on Panda?

There was talk about Panda being released as a stand-alone app. With it now expires in TestFlight, is there still a plan to release this?


I would be happy to pay for Panda as a stand alone app, and would of course keep using Bear. I would like to keep markdown notes in certain folders, while maintaining other in the Bear app.


I would love having Panda alongside Bear. I’m using Bear for notes, but I often deal with separate Markdown files, and Panda/Bear is hands down the best Markdown editor around.


Oh no! My Panda just stopped working! :sob::sob::sob:

It is by far the BEST markdown editor on the Mac. And I’ve been using it as my daily driver.

Where do I throw money to make it work again?

Or failing that, is there some way to hack it to make the beta keep working? Totally lost my daily driver :frowning:


Me too. Panda is just the best markdown editor ever… I’ll definitely pay for it, if I was getting a way to pay for it… So sad that it stopped working…

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Hey folks,

we’ll have a new beta later today, we want to work on Panda and release it, but we still have a bunch of stuff to finish first :wink:



Thank you for the update. Just a question - are you talking about a Panda beta, or a Bear beta? And if a Panda beta, do we need to sign up for it? Thanks again.

Okay! Crossing fingers and holding thumbs! Waiting in anticipation for the new beta build :smiley:

Totally okay by me that you guys need to work on Panda some more before shipping. But would really be awesome for current users if you could keep the beta run-able until then.

Thanks for the awesome work! :smiley:


Is the new beta available yet? When I launch Panda, I am offered a link to the website: but that gives a 404 Not Found error.

Just want to confirm if this is where the new beta will appear when it is ready.

I need Panda too!!! I work much effectively with iOS than MacOS, so I hope to see Panda on iOS. The app was great, fresh and beautiful unlike others from the App Store cough cough Drafts cough cough.
I want Panda on iOS ASAP. :ok_hand:t2::sob:

Hey! :slight_smile: Still no news on a new beta build? :frowning:

Last we heard it was supposed to be a week ago that we got a new build drop.

Even if it has zero new features of bug fixes, being able to continue to run the beta would be immensely helpful.

It has been updated. See the announcement thread: Panda update - new beta available now!


Amaaaaaazing! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Thank you thank you thank you!