Will Panda stay as a standalone editor


I have been searching for this subject, so please excuse me if this has been asked before.

Will Panda continue to be supported as a standalone editor once it has been rolled into Bear? I’m thinking especially on iOS. I appreciate having access to a standalone text editor, and do have other options, but enjoy using Panda and so wondered what the roadmap was for it once Bear 2.0 is out.

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Hi David,

Many thanks for taking the time to leave a post. I can see that this is your first time posting on the forum, so welcome to the community!

Regarding the above question, Panda was initially just meant to be a throwaway tester for the new Editor for Bear.

However, due to customer feedback we are now thinking about possibly also having Panda as a standalone Editor after it’s added into Bear!

Our priority at the moment is to complete and implement our new Editor for Bear. Everything else will be re-evaluated after the new Editor is released but hoping this explanation helps! :bear:


I would also chime in and say that as a developer myself, I would greatly appreciate if it was possible to use the Panda editor in my own app!


I would like to offer my encouragement to Panda’s developers to continue the development of Panda as a standalone, file-based Markdown editor. It is easily the most beautiful and elegant WYSIWYG Markdown editor on the Mac and on iOS/iPadOS. Thank you for creating such a beautiful piece of software!


A very belated thank you for your reply. I understand your priorities and look forward to seeing what decision that you come to regarding Panda.

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Just would like to say that Panda sits in my dock now as not just the #1 Markdown editor I’m using but pretty much the #1 text editor I use for everything that isn’t code.

I’d very happily fork out $$$ to have this amazing standalone markdown editor. Please don’t kill it after beta!


I also would like to be able to keep using Panda as a standalone, barring Bear ever letting you use the filesystem directly. Panda has become a critical component of my blogging workflow.


Have you found Panda stable enough? I tried to adopt it into my workflow but it was crashing once or twice a day.

I’m not sure if there are any updates or fixes coming since all the attention is now on Bear 2.0.

I haven’t been having any issues.

Instead of having a separate “Panda” app to install, what about this? If you have Bear installed, if double-clicking on any .md file in finder would just open that file in Bear in a standalone window, and any changes would be saved back to the original .md file.

That would allow you to view/edit any .md file anywhere on your Mac.

As an added bonus, the standalone window could have an “Import” button to add the contents of the .md file as a new note in your Bear library.


That’s a good idea. I’d rather have less apps to deal with.

I would rather have a standalone app, personally. I don’t actually have need for Bear, if I have Panda.

So now that Panda is dead what stand-alone Markdown editor do people suggest?

Panda is going to be revived still as a standalone editor; the devs have said as much in reddit at least