Feature request #1: Bear Beta 2.0!

Please postpone all my former feature request until Bear 2.1 release or later!

Most urgent request now, would be Bear/Panda BETA 2.0 where current Panda gets integrated with DB, sync, sidebar, tag list etc.

You showed us this teaser on March 16: Panda Check-in: Integration, Search, and Todos - Updates - Bear Beta and I believe, we – all your Panda pals can’t wait for this beta.

Thank you for all your hard work, and really want to see and test all of it very soooon :sunglasses:

PS. The letter after α is β ¬ ∞ :wink:


That’s what david from the team wrote on reddit:

The team is definitely interested in improvements to the tag organization and navigation experience. With the new editing features in Panda/B2 becoming more or less feature-complete, the team is heads-down on everything else for B2 which… I’m not allowed to discuss. I’m not even really allowed in our #dev channel these days, not after I already saw too much.

I am patient enough to wait a little bit more as i am excited of the further improvements in the other parts of bear :wink:


Hope I’m wrong :wink: