When will this be integrated with Bear?


When will this be integrated with Bear??

Hi there,

We’re happy to see that you are interested in this, but we do not provide ETA’s for things.

We understand that this can be frustrating for people, but we have our reasons for this.

Our aim is to release the product of our work when it reaches a quality benchmark, not arbitrary deadline.

Regarding our plan and direction though, we’ve just released an updated version of Panda today, see here: Panda release notes 1.0(2343)

When we receive feedback on this, we will work on ironing out any reported bugs.

There may be a small update or two to Panda after this, but then we’ll be getting ready to merge it with the current Bear.

When we merge it with Bear it will update and replace your current Bear to the merger version, acting as a beta version for our users to test.

Once feedback is received from that and implemented, 2.0 will be pushed.

Hoping this explanation helps!


I hope my next MacBook Pro can be used.

+1 for a release soon! The ability to hide the markup syntax is what I really want right now and from looking at the feedback, only the text colouring and highlighting would be a nice to have. The iPad version of Panda looks to be lagging behind the Mac version, though, so a little catch up is needed there.

Thanks to the developers for their hard work on this.


I hope my old MacBook can still be used :wink:
(Late 2009, still running strong on its third battery, upgraded memory and disk, MacOS 10.13.6 as last possible MacOS release. No Panda any more)

Happy to hear that you are excited about this Peter.

Thank you also for your note to the developers, it has been passed on and comments like this make our day!

Hoping you’ve a Beary nice day in return :bear:

Thanks for this. I have tried out Bear a long time ago but looking now at Panda I love what I see. Especially the RTL feature is very important to me.

I will be using Panda to edit .md files in Arabic until it is released in full version mode.

Happy to see someone caring about RTL users because probably 90% of note taking apps don’t.


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Thank you for your support and kind words.

We’re happy to hear that you are enjoying the RTL language support feature, as we’re quite excited about this one!

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