I like Panda a lot it fixes what I disliked about Bear editor

As the subject line says. I like Panda a lot and hoping to see it included in Bear 2.0 soon.

It fixes the main reason why I never seriously considered moving to Bear and chose Apple Notes when picking an app to move away from Evernote: Reading an ‘markdown adorned’ file in Bear editor is ugly and frustrating to do.

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Glad to hear that you are enjoying Panda Anne!

Thank you for giving it a go, we really appreciate it :slight_smile:

I need a support folder, okay?

Hi @anne, I have a similar history when it come my note-taking-app-quest. I tried Bear a long time ago but because it didn’t then support internal links nor RTL at that time I kept using Apple Notes, moved to Evernote, left it and went back to Apple Notes. Now I am using Obsidian to store my notes and looking for a nice editor to edit them. With the new additions, Panda makes the cut because finally a major note taking app other than Apple Notes supports RTL.

Bear also helped me free the notes Evernote had taken hostage for years by converting them into the .md format. I am talking about 10 years old notes. Now I can use them anywhere I want.