Panda release notes 1.0(2343)

Ok Panda folks, we have a small release today so we can focus on an important, much-requested new feature: In-line PDF Preview!

Panda can now display a peek into attached PDFs, so we’d love a peek into what you think! Please attach all kinds of PDFs to get a feel for the preview quality, then resize and even disable previews for good measure.

Check out the modest release notes below and give it all a whirl. Thanks for all your help!

PDF Preview

What’s new

  • Inline PDF Preview
    • On by default
    • Resizable
    • Right click (macOS) or long press (iOS) to toggle
    • Resizing an image or PDF now snaps its preview size to nearby attachments
  • Drag a link from Safari to create a link preview (macOS)

What’s fixed

  • Link panel now auto-encodes URLs (if they are not formatted properly)
  • Navigating to a section using the TOC on iOS will now highlight it
  • Number formatting are now set properly for your language (e.g. thousandth place and decimals)
  • Chinese keyboard input improvements

Thanks for testing Bear

We really appreciate all your help and feedback in testing Bear. In fact, this new test build was entirely a result of your feedback! Please keep it coming, and we’ll be in touch in the forum threads.

Download the App

To try all the new features go to the alpha page:


Thanks folks, will look into it, but from what can be seen from the gif, tile-to-preview and back work may be for editing blog posts and documents where pdfs are not used embedded with the text.
In most real-world scenarios, people link pdfs into a narrative, in the middle of a text, or in the middle of a list item text. And your design doesn’t work there because the tile is too big and breaks the paragraph alignment.
We need PDFs seen as links too.

I did some testing on an ipad running iPadOS v14.7.1.

In general it all seems to be working as designed. I did notice that when initially resizing, it didn’t seem to work but eventually it did. Not sure if it was simply uber sensitive to the position of my finger or not. When i added a second pdf, they both resized easily. Unable to recreate this.

I did have the same experience with a couple of images too but once it started working, it was fine. Almost like a delay.

It is inconsistent but does recur if you do other actions and then come back to an image and try to resize.

I didn’t see that the snap to size of others was working but then may not be clear on what to expect there.

A bit unrelated, I added an mp4 file and noticed it doesn’t playback, I’m assuming you don’t have viewers for all file types.

I’ll check out Mac later today.

A couple of items.

  1. Adding a Link & enabling Preview from Youtube or any other website using CMD+K works great. What I don’t see is a way to resize the Preview but not sure that’s a thing yet.

  2. Dragging a Safari link doesn’t seem to work. It worked once for me but then I got this Preview.

How to preview network pictures

@matteo When using a table, the interface will be emptied and nothing can be done.

Working great on iPhone 12 Pro running iOS 14.7.1. I think I found a small bug:

  1. Attach a PDF within a note
  2. Long press and select Share option
  3. Dismiss the Share menu by tapping within blank space to the right of the PDF
  4. Tap on blank space again, expecting to resume editing

Expected behavior: returning to edit mode with keyboard

Observed behavior: Panda appears to return to edit mode (cursor is shown), but keyboard does not reappear as expected, so you end up in edit mode without a keyboard.

Workaround: switching to another app and returning brings up the keyboard… or switching to PDF resize mode and then tapping in the blank space brings back the keyboard (as expected in step 4)

Eagerly looking forward to having Panda features in Bear! :slight_smile:

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