Show link preview does not activate

Testing version: 0.1 (2510) on iPad Pro 11, iPadOS 15.1

What were you doing:
tap hold on link,
edit link,
toggled show link preview on,

What feature did you use: show link preview

What happened: nothing, it did not show, but if i moved cursor into link and tapped link symbol etc, it worked.

Turning off link preview worked like a charm.

Please add show link preview directly in menu when long press a link (like you have on PDFs, and like you have to turn off link preview)

What did you expect to happen: a link preview, but did not happen.

Thank you for reporting this, we managed to reproduce the bug and we’ll fix it soon.

The suggestion of adding a menu to directly toggle the preview is also good, I’ll add it to our list :slight_smile:


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Thank you @matteoteo

It’s a similar problem on MacOS:
Would be nice to have show link preview, hide link review and edit link directly from two finger tap on link. Like you can with PDFs.

Also autohide markdown get confused after having shown/hidden link preview on Panda MacOS: the link symbol is now shown for other links in document.


Hi there,

Many thanks for your additional information, i’ll pass it onto the team to review.

If you’ve any queries or questions in the meantime let me know as i’d be happy to help!