Imported notes have outdented lots of bullets, turned *some* indented ¶ into code

Testing version: Version 2.0 (10084)

What were you doing: Importing from B1 — yay!

What feature did you use: Importing

What happened:

  1. Many bullets have been outdented. Thousands, in fact, across ~800 documents. Apparently indented bullets aren’t allowed unless they’re sub-bullets? This is going to take hours to fix.
  2. Some indented plain-text paragraphs — especially (only?) immediately following headers — have been turned into code blocks
  3. Related to 2(?), some text cannot be outdented to the first level (even with headers & bullets)

This might happened because we changed Bear syntax from our own to cmark with B2. In Markdown Lists should start at the beginning of the line or be children of another list. For example

* this is a list
    * this is not a list

I’m afraid this and 3 also comes with the syntax change. Tabbed text is interpreted as a code block by markdown.

This might happen at the end of a list. Lists in markdown require an empty line to be “closed”, otherwise the last line is interpreted as the second line of the last list element.

I was afraid of that. These changes will require minimum 30-40 hours to repair across my ~800 notes.

Couldn’t such issues - caused by changing to commonmark standard - be adressed on importing notes from bear 1 to bear 2? Edit: i mean not to indent agin the bullets list but f.e. not to replace indented text with code blocks but to outdent the text