Panda list indentation wrong on import

Testing version: v1.0 (2510

What were you doing: opening an existing markdown file

What feature did you use: lists

What happened: Panda does not import indented list items correctly. Once imported, I am unable to change the indentation of a nested list item without first clearing the list formatting and turning it back into a list.

What did you expect to happen: Markdown lists should be interpreted correctly upon import.

Example MD file to import:


Panda’s handling of file:


Hi there,

May I ask, as the bullet points and sub bullets imported the same as the original example, when you say interpreted correctly upon import what exactly do you mean by this?

It seems that a markdown list imported into Panda does not behave correctly.

For example, in the gif in my original post, I am clicking on the word “test” above “hello” (which is an indented sublist) and pressing tab. My expectation is that Panda should indent the item further. Instead, it just adds a tab where the cursor is.

If I create a list in Panda, I can use tab to indent an item.

Here are two lists in Panda, one is a standard markdown list pasted into Panda. The other, a list created within Panda.


Look at the indentation differences. In the “pasted from markdown source” list, Panda does not respond correctly to pressing tab, enter, shift+tab, etc.

This is what it looks like if I click into an imported list, and press enter twice:

And the same with a list made in Panda:

To recreate, copy and paste this list into Panda, then try to manipulate it with tab, shift+tab, and enter.

- test
- test
    - test

Here is a more straightforward example.

Download and open the attached markdown file with Panda.

  • try to change the indentation level on the lines blue or yellow, using tab and shift+tab

It won’t work.

Hi there,

Thank you for the response and additional information.

Currently Panda is not supporting indented list using spaces (they work, but not very well).

I consulted with a member of the development team regarding this, they are aware of it and are planning to tackle it at some point when moving forward.

Hoping this helps, but if you’ve any other queries or questions let me know!

I just hit this as well. As you mentioned, it’s due to tabs vs spaces on the indent. CommonMark spec says nested lists should be 4 spaces (here). I often edit or create markdown files in VS Code on my MacBook, but when I open them in Panda I can’t de-indent a nested list item because it is 4-space indented whereas Panda uses tabs. See these screenshots (deindent button grayed out when 4-spaced)…

Fixing this would be a huge win for cross-app compat as well as adhering to CommonMark properly. Thanks!

It’s good to know that the dev team is aware of it, but it is concerning as this works without issue when importing markdown files into the current version of Bear. Hopefully this is addressed before Panda is integrated into Bear.

Hi there,

Yes, this will be addressed before the finalised version.

Awesome. Y’all are doing great work—can’t wait to get my hands on the release!

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Thank you for your continued support!

Also glad to hear that you are excited about where we’re headed :smiley: