Feature Request: Support spaces for indent (not just tabs)

Panda/Bear use tab characters for indentation, and does not very effectively handle content that is indented with spaces. This creates separate issues in Panda as a standalone editor, and in Bear as a self-contained note database app:

  • In Panda, it is expected to open Markdown files created and edited with other tools. It currently behaves quite poorly with common Markdown from other editors that use e.g. 4-space indents. Lists indented this way get mangled in their rendering and can’t be manipulated with the normal tab/shift-tab shortcuts.
  • In Bear, this comes up most pressingly at import time. Pasting space-indented Markdown content from other apps should either be happily handled by the Bear editor, or (likely a sensible default) automatically normalized to the tab-based intent scheme Bear expects.
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Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a post here with some feedback.

Currently Panda is not supporting indented list using spaces (they work, but not very well).

I consulted with a member of the development team regarding this, they are aware of it and are planning to tackle it at some point when moving forward.

Hoping this helps, but if you’ve any other queries or questions let me know!