Nested bullet lists

I’ve been using Panda as an external editor for markdown files held in Devonthink and I’m having problems with nested bullet lists. Indents in markdown files saved from Panda don’t indent when viewed in Devonthink. Closer inspection shows that Panda saves with nested lists indented with 2 spaces. ( Markdown Tutorial - Nested Lists ) says they should be indented with 4 spaces. That said, Typora also saves with 2 spaces. So, which way should this go; do I badger you guys or the Devonthink guys?

This seems to violate the CommonMark spec, as demonstrated by your link and at this page here. (If you search for And here is the equivalent in Markdown:, and look at the example below it, you will see the nested list also is indented by four spaces.)

For those reasons, I think this could be considered a bug.


Well, Typora does the same thing but it does have a preference for number of spaces or tab, although it defaults to two. Devonthink uses Multimark. What flavour does Panda use?

Per spec sub item indent = marker width + number of spaces between marker and text
So for - main item it’s 2, if I understand the spec correctly.

If you press “Try it” and “Show hint” it will indent with 2 spaces :smile:

Devonthink uses Multimark which looks like it requires 4. Standards, don’t you just love it when everyone crawls off and does their own thing.

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