Folding feature request


I like the new “toggle folding” UI element that’s been added. Thank you!

I had been using folding in Craft for a while and am warming up to the idea of also using it in Bear.

If I could make one of two suggestions:

  1. narrow the folding functionality to only headings (thus removing the ability to fold nested bullets - I find this really distracting)


  1. make this user-configurable

For what it’s worth, when I used folding in Craft or UpNote, I’d create a foldable toggle at the heading level but would then convert all nested content to bullets inside the foldable section and not make them foldable. I find that a lot cleaner than the current Bear view of lots and lots of toggles (if combining headings with nested bullets)

I love the new folding feature, but agree it would be really nice to have a configurable option for folding headers only vs every list item.