Folding is too complicated


Congratulations on the version 2.0 of Bear, the new features and the new design are really great.

I would like to offer an opinion about the new Folding feature. I find the idea of being able to fold sections of the notes extremely practical. However, I don’t understand this choice to make folding so complicated. In my opinion, it would be much more convenient to always leave a display button to unfold and fold the section once you have activated the feature for a section. Is this choice final?
I added a screenshot of Bear 2 with an example of the kind of icon I was thinking about.

Thank you for your hard work on Bear 2!


I agree that currently to fold-unfold is cumbersome, I would say typically the idea is to unfold to read or view details in a point and then refold and move on.

I think folding is very useful in a bullet journal because you can add detail (folded) while keeping most of the bullets on the screen.

I would further add that in the least all/any non-bullet or numbered text should allow folding of the bullet lines that follow it OR (ultimately) any text should be able to fold any following indented text or items.


I totally agree. It’s too complicated… and it’s such a useful feature, too much TAPs. I would like to use folding all the time, but most often I feel I waste my time clicking and wondering which option to use.


+1 here. Having folding is amazing, but the implementation of the control could be more accessible.


There should absolutely be a folding button that appears to either the left or right of each heading when you hover with a mouse.


+1 on this. I’m enjoying how folding can make long notes easier to manage, but there is too much friction to toggle it. Especially on iOS.


+1 on this! I do like the keyboard shortcut for mac but iOS is a bit too many taps.

I did notice that the Bear iOS keyboard has a ‘toggle fold’ button at the top right which isn’t too bad though


I agree, though I was hoping Bear 2 would implement folding at the bullet level where it is more useful than at the heading. All other apps that do folding, support it at the bullet level, and is shown on the left side, where you can click to collapse/expand. The current UI is not very pleasant, and trying hard to be different.


The easiest folding method by far is this :

Personally speaking, I don’t want to have extra toggles when not needed. Fold button for case of someone’s usage which is dominant on the screen is not favourable in my opinion. However, I must agree the header and folding options are now quite burried since they introduced fold/unfold all headers. But then it is what people asked for. So there is quite a conflict :thinking:


I think that Fold All and Unfold All should be added as long press options under this current Toggle Folding button on the BIU keyboard.

(Like it’s done for Date insert button, and H1 button on iPhone)

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I would also vote for this solution: but the – button to fold a heading, should be hidden until heading line is in focus or on mouse hoover when using trackpad.

other button icons than could of course be used, but I also, think it should be on the right side, so it’s easy to toggle on/off on/off on/off without having to move finger or mouse arrow to the opposite side.

I have been using toggle heading and toggle/untoggle all extensively over the last days, and it’s really too much friction to fold a section as it is now. :-1:

Unfold button work very well and easy, as it is now :+1:



Ok, I didn’t know about this button! It is enough for me. Thank you.


I do believe you can fold bullet points in bear 2 if I’m not mistaken. Just checked my notes and you can indeed! In case you didn’t now, simply hold down CMD and click on the bullet point that requires folding (for mac, not sure how it works on ios).

I was thinking of a button which appear only when an user want a section to be foldable, and is not here by default. Once the “folded section” is activated, then a fold or unfold button should always be displayed in my opinion. My point is : if a section is long enough to be folded, it is probably a section that will be fold and unfold often.

If the always displayed button to fold a “foldable” section is distracting for some users, the functionality could probably be turned off in the settings.


Maybe “Toggle folding” is not quite clear wording?

At least, for me, I was initially confused.

  • I initially thought “toggle folding” meant to turn on a setting (for that heading) that allows me to fold/unfold it at will (something like making the “…” permanently visible, instead of just visible until I unfold once)
  • I realized “toggle folding” means “fold this heading”

I’m okay with the behavior either way.

Early example of how it is done in Craft

This is true, you can fold at the bullet point level with the keyboard shortcut. Just press cmd ’

That is the way all the other big players (like Notion) do it. Its very intuitive and user friendly imo but the developers think it makes the clean aesthetic of bear look cluttered. I personally would much prefer the visible toggles, or at least the alternative suggested by @LeoS (although the solution provided is to a problem that wouldn’t exist in the first place with the use of toggles). Hopefully a happy middle-ground will be reached.


hope it works better in later version.

What do you think about this: