Hey folks,

Today we’d like to share some progress on Folding with all of you. Folding has been one of the most challenging features we’ve been working on in Bear and we’ve always wanted to improve the user experience. However, it can be very challenging to ensure your writing experience remains distract-free. With all this in mind, we’d like to introduce our improved Folding:

Now, when you hover on the left side of the editor, you’ll spot those handy folding chevrons right next to your Headings (Yep, also todos and lists). To fold or collapse, simply click the chevron. When you are typing or the cursor is not on the left side, the chevrons will be hidden so you can focus on what matters the most: writing.

When will it be available? Soon in an upcoming version!

What about iOS? We are still searching for a good solution on iOS.

Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think. Happy Folding!


This is much better. I would use the collapse feature much more often but just a little inconvenient at current time. However, I use iOS and anxious to see how you will be handling that.


That looks great! While I will rarely use folding for headings, I am all the more pleased to be able to use it for lists.

But there’s something I don’t understand in the video. When unfolding headings, the header icon is not displayed and the cursor is not placed in the line, but it is both when folding. Why is that?

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This is outstanding! A huge improvement!

I cannot wait to be able to use this!


@zowiewho Suggestion for iOS:

  • Option 1 - When folding has been enabled, a tap anywhere on the header will fold or unfold.
    • To disable folding or edit the heading, double-tap on that line to reveal the “heading number” on the left where one can invoke the pop-up menu, or tap into the text to edit.
  • Option 2 - Leave all current navigation and tap to reveal menus in place
    • When folding has been enabled, on the header, swipe right to left to unfold and swipe left to right to fold again (or vice/versa).

Folding doesn’t usually move the current selection, BUT if the selection is part of the text that’s going to be folded the editor moves it near the header (showing the header icon as normally would occur).

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Can you fold and unfold using the keyboard? E.g. ⌘ :arrow_left: and :arrow_right:?

Also, please roll this out sooner rather than later.

PS I love vertical lines within bullets like they have in Roam Research etc. but I’m not going to push my luck and ask for that lol.

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Yes, this is already available in the current version of the app: ⌘' will toggle the folding on the currently selected line.

That’s a bit too heavy on the UI for my taste :slight_smile:



What is the difficulty of making an identical collapse logic on the desktop and phone?

We can take the Obsidian approach as an example: identical folding logic on both :computer: and :iphone:. On iOS, you can show the chevron to the left of the title level when the user clicks on the title text (for example). And hide it as well as # characters for headers when you switch to another line.

Minimum offer - when you click on the title level, select the “Switch collapse” item separately to access it faster.

Also, minimizing with the keyboard seems too complicated. Compared to toggle in Craft or fold in Obsidian, more taps are required to achieve the result.

Minimizing with the keyboard seems too “complex” in the current execution. Compared to toggle in Craft or fold in Obsidian, more taps are required to achieve the result. In addition to the paragraph about the switch above, if the button for minimizing/expanding headings and items were in fewer touches, it would also be a good addition.

But ideally - if the collapse switch was like inside the note next to the corresponding elements similar to the desktop version, and would also be available through the menu that appears when you click on the title level and in the toolbar tools.

I have wanted this since Bear 2 was released! Looks great :+1:t2:

Yes! A simple folding affordance that’s similar to Notion’s. Been waiting for this as an early Bear user. Thank you!

Will it be possible to nest the folds, like Notion does?

Will there be an option to ‘fold all’ and ‘unfold all’?

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