Bear 2.2.0 for macOS available for Testers


Bear 2.2.0 for macOS is available via TestFlight. This version includes:

  • New folding UI
  • 4 new themes: Tokyo Nights Light, GruvBox, Catpuccin Latte, and Macchiato
  • A possible solution for Sonoma’s text flickering issue

Any feedback regarding the 3 points above is very appreciated.


There is not much to say: it is a pleasure and a huge improvement

Considering the theme colors for gruvbox the red and orange colors should get more dominant appearance to let the box groove.

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  • The new folding UI is great. I love it! I want to use folding often, but the older way was too cumbersome for using often.
  • The new themes are all readable. I’m not a big theme person, so I just tested for readability.
  • I have not experienced the flickering text issue, so I can’t comment.

I would also like to test it, if possible. Thanks

Same here. Would love to testflight.

Would love to help and test new features as well.
Please for TestFlight code.

The video demo looks great, and feels natural (like it works in other apps like Notion).

@trix180 I would love a TestFlight invitation, if any are available and you need feedback (I’m a product manager by trade, so I’m quite nitpicky).

I really like folding and structuring a text with headings. But if I want to use headings for subdivision, I urgently need a way to set their font size individually. Please, please!

The new disclosure triangle folding is intuitive and works flawlessly.

More themes, IMHO, is less helpful than allowing us to select our own CSS options. The first thing would be to increase the font, size, and background of the leftmost pane, which is near-unreadable on a high-resolution device.


I am adoring the new folding! Very nicely done, and look forward to a possible parity in iOS (iPad in particular).




Thanks for the feedback.
Sorry, but at the moment we have very limited free seats for the beta and we’d like to keep those for the future.


Wonderful. Thank you. I persisted with folding in Bear - because I outline a lot. But this makes it so much faster and doesn’t get in the way. Folding on headers and bullets :white_check_mark: and the keyboard shortcut remains - great! No bugs found so far.


I would also like to test it, if possible. Thanks

May I join the beta? I have been wanting to for awhile

I have UX feedback about folding, hope this is a good place for sharing it.

I dislike how the folding icon moves around, depending on where the user cursor is. Would it be possible to swap the order to keep the folding icon always on the right, and move the header H3 icon to the left?

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Thank you for the feedback, but for various reasons (technical and not) it’s not possible to swap the two icons.

The only option we had was keeping the header icon in text column and having the text move to the right when it’s visible, but people hated that :slight_smile:


Shame, but thanks for the response.

Thank you for this very useful feature! I am not sure it makes sense for the note to be marked as modified just because a section has been expanded or collapsed.

I think the folding status of a heading is written inside of the file as mark-up. In a technical sense it makes sense to change the modification sense because the file indeed is changed. But in terms of user experience it doesn’t make sense at all. The problem seems unsolvable

I suspected that this was the case. It would be great if these changes could be excluded from the diff calculation because, from a user experience standpoint, it discourages me from using this feature.

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