🚀 Bear 2.2.0: Improved Folding, Copy Code button, and new themes!

We are thrilled to announce the release of Bear 2.2.0! This update brings a host of small yet significant improvements… you asked and we’ve listened! Along with essential bug fixes and new themes to enhance your Bear experience. Let’s dive in!

Improved Folding

Say hi to a better and easier folding experience! We’ve added Folding as a Side Action in the editor which will make it so much easier to expand or collapse your content as needed.

folding gif

:computer: On Mac, when you hover on the left side of the editor, folding chevrons will appear right next to the collapsible sections such as headings and multi-level lists (including todos!). To fold or collapse sections, simply click the chevron. The chevrons will be automatically hidden while you’re typing to keep a clean and distraction-free writing space.

:iphone: On iOS, a new menu option “Toggle Side Actions” is added into the more menu (⫶) on the top right of the editor. When it’s on, the folding chevrons remain visible alongside the collapsible sections.

Copy Code Action

A Copy Code button has been added to the Side Actions area next to the code blocks to quickly copy long code snippets without hassle.

:computer: On Mac, the Copy Code icon will appear next to the first line of the code block by hovering the mouse on the left side of code blocks.

:iphone: On iOS, go to the more menu (⫶) on the top right in the editor and select “Toggle Side Actions”, the Copy Code icon will appear together with other Side Actions like Folding. You can always toggle off to hide the buttons.

4 New Themes

4 cool new themes are coming to your notes:

  • Tokyo Night Light: A lighter iteration of the Tokyo Night theme. Designed with intentionally low contrast to maintain focus without distractions. Inspired by enkia
  • Gruvbox: A retro-themed color scheme that brings a nostalgic touch to your notes, inspired by morhetz
  • Catppuccin Latte: A soothing warm pastel theme, ideal for a balanced, low-contrast aesthetic in your notes. Inspired by Catppuccin
  • Catppuccin Macchiato: A dark pastel theme also inspired by Catppuccin themes

Full Changelog


  • New folding is available by hovering the mouse at the left side of a header or a multi-level list
  • A Copy Code button has been added to the Side Actions next to the code blocks
  • When performed inside a code block, CMD+A selects the block content only. A second CMD+A selects all the note content


  • New folding UI that can be enabled by the … menu inside the note > Toggle Side Actions
  • A Copy Code button has been added to the Side Actions area next to the code blocks


  • 4 new themes
  • PDF export fixes for code blocks overlapping pages
  • Fixed issue with links and DOCX exports
  • Fixed issues with the Obsidian importers
  • Fixed issue with search widgets sorting

Thank you!

Thank you all for testing, giving feedback, reporting bugs, and being a part of the Bear community! We hope everyone enjoys Bear 2.2.0, and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us!

Happy Writing! :bear::heart::memo:

The Bear Team


Woohoo! Thank you soooooo much for adding the copy code feature! Bear is an amazing app that just keeps getting better! You all rock!!! :man_dancing:

Bear is the best!


You guys are awesome !


I really do Like the new catppuccin themes


I don’t find Toggle Side Actions in the menu on iPhone and iPad.

Did you update to Bear version 2.2.0 ?

It was released on the US App Store only 15 hours ago …

Panda 1.0 (3148) enable “Folding” that use with Bear 2.2.0.♪

I thought it would automatically get updated for everyone.

I checked the App Store and it does not show an update is available. I have an Australian Apple account if it matters.

It did however show that in the Mac App Store and I updated it on the Mac.

The new folding options and code copy options are fantastic. Nice job. :heart_hands:


Great quality of life improvements. Also, really loving the Tokyo Night light theme - it’s my new light mode default :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey there! Yes it would automatically get updated for everyone eventually, but instead of releasing the update to all users simultaneously, we use a 7-day phased release for Bear updates to help monitor for potential issues and gather feedback before a full-scale deployment. You can always go to the Bear App Store page and manually update though! :smiley:

I saw Bear at WWDC. Congratulations!

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Why no dark Gruvbox theme?

Gruvbox dark look quite similar to a theme already available but we can reconsider it for the next bunch of themes.

Is there a chance to add LYT theme, I know we have Dracula theme but it’s not really similar to LYT like body font colour and link colour.

Are you thinking about the possibility of creating our own themes? That would be great!