Bear 2.1.5 for iOS and macOS on TestFlight

Hello Everybody,

this is just a quick update to let you know version 2.1.5 is available on TestFlight. This is mostly a bugfix update but includes some minor community-suggested features and improvements. Let me know if you have any issues with this build.

Here is the complete changelog


  • Pressing the arrow down key with the search field select now always moves the focus to the first element of the list


  • Improved note list search performances
  • Minor search panel and pull the search UI fixes
  • Fixed editor bug with external keyboards’ delete key while the suggestions are visible
  • Sharing to Apple Mail now honors the tag export preferences
  • Fixed some animations and IO for iPadOS
  • Fixed crashes generated by drag&drop editing
  • Fixed missing history navigation localization
  • Fixed missing sketcher menu icons


  • Changed table’s shortcuts for creating new rows and columns
  • Fixed issue with paragraph spacing after code snippets
  • Added options for starting new notes with the ISO 8601 current date or date and time
  • Now we prevent dates starting with a number followed by a dot (e.g. 12. March) from turning into numbered lists
  • Fixed crash concerning special Unicode characters in note title
  • Corrected bug concerning the editing of a nested list root element
  • Fixed Table of Contents glitch
  • Fixed folding edge case crash

Love the new table shortcuts! Thank you!

Hi! I’m glad to see the option to create notes with ISO 8601. This brings us closer to being able to use ISO dates on the style keyboard in iOS. Any chance a similar setting could be added for iOS where we choose the date format used in the style keyboard?

I’ve been using the workaround in this post but would like to see an option set the date to YYYY-MM-DD in the app.