Mockup: Better folding

I really love the new editor so far and had some ideas how folding could potentially be improved:

  1. Normal text should be able to collapse what’s underneath (just like headers, lists etc. can)

  2. It would be nice to have a ‘collapse-/expand-button’ that appears only when hovering over the gutter (next to the list-/ todo-/ header-icons). Why? So that collapsing/expanding is available on one click, instead of cmd-click / menus.

Mockup is strongly inspired by Taskpaper. Apologies for the ugly hack, I’m sure there are more elegant ways of designing this (especially by the amazing designers at ShinyFrog :frog: :smiley:)


I like this suggestion, as long as the collapse/expand button and guidelines only appear upon mouse-over. Otherwise feels too busy. I think the collapse/expand idea would be extremely well complemented by a universal TOC function (perhaps live in the top-right menu button), that would effectively be a collapsed outline of the text that can be used for quick navigation.


while I understand that outlining capabilities are nice, please keep in mind that Bear is not an outliner app. We added folding for things that made sense for Markdown (Headers and Lists), but we’re not planning to add more UI elements for folding as we’re trying to keep the app as minimal as possible.

Thank you for your feedback!


Hi @matteo, fully understand and agree to your reasoning.

Currently, normal text is the only element that can’t fold what’s beneath, all others (headers, lists) can.

Do you already know how you will implement folding on iOS? I guess it could be via context-menu, or maybe by long-tapping on the UI-element (list, task, header etc.)

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currently, a single tap on the header/list icon will show a context-menu with a bunch of options including folding.