Folding: Icon/button

Ratherr than the drop down menu for folding, I’d rather see a fold/unfold button. For speed.


Just came here to suggest the same. Having a shortcut is nice and all, but especially on iPad and iPhone an icon would work easier and faster.


Thirded - came here specifically to request this! I’ve been testing Panda on iOS and macOS for several months now and absolutely love all of the changes, but the folding behavior is absolutely maddening and interferes badly with my workflow.

For context, I’ve used folding headers/toggle bullets on several other platforms and make heavy use of it. This is my #1 most anticipated feature in the new editor. I read in another post that a decision was made to keep folding hidden rather than having a triangle toggle to maintain the sleek UI, but I think this is a mistake and prioritizes the appearance of the interface over function when neither actually needs to be sacrificed. For one, the ellipsis expansion feature is more distracting to me than a toggle button would be; it also means I have to scan not just down the lefthand side of the page to see if I have any hidden information but also scan over my headers from left to right. Having to click on the header button to hide text under the header is also too many steps.

One possible solution if the Bear team doesn’t want to implement a toggle button is to make it so clicking (or double-clicking) on the header menu icon (stacked lines) folds/unfolds text, while right-clicking (or single-clicking) shows the context menu with header options.


At the very least a hotkey. Drop down menus for something you use a lot is too fiddly.

I’m confused. There is both a button and hotkey for folding?

The top right button on the custom keypad is for folding and the hotkey is ⌘’.

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Speaking of folding, I found this app Bike the other day, which has a fantastic idea for how to handle folding in a creative way for organising your thoughts:

That is obviously one of many outliner apps out there. However, the point of the op is about folding headings and not bullet lists. :wink: