Feature Request: Hotkeys

Been a while since I am on the platform and looking forward to the release!

I’d love to see keyboard shortcuts come to Panda / Bear 2.0. Specifically ⌥⌘[ for folding and ⌥⌘] for unfolding. And some shortcut for fold/unfold all.


Hi there,

Glad to hear that you are looking forward to the release!

Regarding folding and unfolding keyboard shortcuts, you can currently use the ⌘’ keyboard shortcut to achieve this.

Hoping this helps!

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Folding is a tricky one. Since people have strong opinions about how they like it done, it is hard to please everyone when building it into an opinionated app like Bear.

Personally, I would want a hotkey that lets you “Fold All” which folds everything up to H2 headers. You can currently fold everything up to the H1 title, but I personally don’t find that particularly helpful.

Whatever you do though, don’t hold up the release of Bear 2.0 on my account :joy:

Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts support in general is also something I cannot encourage enough. You guys have done great with Bear, but please make sure you investigate the differences in support between iPhone and iPad! Because there are differences, even if Apple won’t acknowledge it!

Thank you for the additional info David!

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