Folding UI: fold and unfold all

Would love to have the shortcuts to fold and unfold all headings.


Hi Emily! You can use the keyboard shortcut ⌘’ to enable folding. Let us know if this helped :smile:

Thanks! I was actually talking about a shortcut to fold and unfold all headings at once.

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Hi @emilyyao29! We don’t currently support that feature. However, we will consider it for future updates :smile:

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Hey, I’d be interested in this one as well.

I would love to have this feature.

I would love this feature as well

If that feature comes I would advocate that heading level 1, that is generally used as title for the note and therefore appears just one time at top of the note, is not collapsed unless it appears multiple times inside the note

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I hope these features can be considered separately. The behavior of Unfold All is straightforward, and would be generally useful. Since folding is sticky (it persists across app launches and multiple windows displaying the same note) we really do need a way to reset the view to a “neutral” state.

Compared to that, Fold All, is complicated. There are certainly use cases where it would be handy, but the expected behavior is going to vary a lot. (Fold All at the highest ordinal level? Fold All at successively smaller levels? Fold All at the current level?)

I would hate to see the more straightforward, useful enhancement request languish because it got paired with a more complicated one.

Is there an equivalent for ios? Unfolding a heading is fine but folding not so much.
I fold to hide things I don’t want to see (at that time) and make the rest of the note easier to see, but as folding on ios requires three taps and leaves the keyboard visible it actually takes four taps to fold in a way that’s useful…fewer taps would be awesome.