Folding headings and other issues in Bear

Understanding and appreciating that Bear has better way of folding headings and bullet points but on mobile it seems it’s still not convenient because I have to turn on toggle side actions first.

Although I can keep it on all the times, when I scroll my note to the middle (say the 5th heading) and switch to other apps and go back, it will scroll back to somewhere like the 2nd heading, until I turn off toggle side actions.

Will you follow the way of Apple’s doing in the coming ios 18 that folding option shown when I tap that heading?

I found there are good functions on Bear. Mac’s user experience is perfect but my user case is more iPad/iPhone than iPhone so I found a lot of small but annoying bugs, or something that can be better.

For example,

  • images are sometimes small and sometimes the full size.
  • not all the text selected are copied successfully (e.g. when I try to copy “I am too good to be true”, the result will be “I”)
  • returning to the previous notes on iPhone needs two hands, or turning on toggle history navigation, while I think we can follow the way of iA Writer.
  • quick open is useless on iPhone with three fingers
  • will ram management be better? Because when I go back to Bear, it always shows the red home screen and toggle history navigation are cleared. (Or automatically go back to the note list)

I hope to switch from Apple Notes to Bear. Yes overall is great but there is much room for improvement on iPad or iPhone version. Now I use Apple Notes mainly and sometimes will need to use iA Writer.

I am running iPadOS 18 and it functions just like it does in Bear. If I tap the heading, it allows me to edit the text - I have to tap the little control in the left margin to collapse or un-collapse the header.