Focus on fold 👓 (as per FoldingText): feature request🤞

There is a really useful feature in FoldingText that focuses on a specific fold so that all other folds (headings) collapse and not just the selected level but the selected heading at that level remains unfolded.

This is really useful with longer and more complicated documents.
Everything other than the current section is visible as a heading but the user is able to work without further visual clutter.

It’s obviously possible to do this manually, by closing all the other headings.

I would love to see a shortcut/menu option that allowed this automagically!

Love the app, and the new beta though!

why don’t you just use the shortcut for Folding All headers, and then the shortcut to unfold the header you are editing?

Thanks @marekwarek , I can’t get that to work.
When I toggle all headers, then my focus is moved up to the top, and the only way I can then refocus on the header of interest is to navigate back down the hierarchy, unfolding each header as I go. What I’d like to do is to fold all other headers.

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Your focus probably goes to the top because the title of your note is formatted as Header1 and your other headers are Header2 (or lower).
If you change the title of the note to be the Header2 (or lower), then it won’t jump to the top. Obviously you could also just change all sub-headers to be Header1 instead.
I tested this and it works for me