Does folding/unfolding all headers make sense in that way?

To justify the question here two screenshots:

Does the result in first screenshot makes sense? Is there anybody who just wants to see title of the note in the note itself?

My suggestion: if the highest present header level appears just one time in the note then do not fold it but just all heading beginning from the levels below

Another criticism: The place of the commands provokes the misunderstanding that the command will be applied just on the clicked header and its subheaders. Maybe the notes menu would be a better place whereas the commands in the headers menu could indeed be related to just this header and its subheaders


If I fold a header, I want all text, subordinate headers, and their text to be hidden with the header still visible.


Header 1

Header 2a

Example text.

Header 3

More text.

Header 2b

Even more text

Header 2a would be folded as:

Header 1

Header 2a

Header 2b

Even more text.

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I agree with the OP.
Because the note title and header are essentially the same in Bear every header other than the note title/header should fold. Otherwise, all you’re left with is the note title - which seems pointless.