Folding is wonderful

Just want to say that I’ve been working on a long doc and having folding with the keyboard shortcut has been amazing. It’s so great to clean up and fold headings I’m not working in at the moment. Especially when I’m jumping back and forth across headings, it’s so nice to quickly get to where I need to go without seeing the entire doc.

Thank you Bear team!


I have to agree - the addition of foldable text is awesome! Very excited to have it coming in a future Bear release.

That said, I’m not in love with the current mechanism…having to go to the end of the header to unfold it, and back to the beginning to fold it…I think I’d really like an icon to the left of the header like a little triangle that turns when to click it to fold/unfold, or a plus sign/minus sign…basically a toggle rather than two different buttons/locations to fold and unfold the text.

The keyboard shortcut to fold/unfold is great, but still an additional step when a single click would be easier.

Thanks Bear Team!


Have you discovered the ⌘ + click shortcut? Hold down the command (⌘) key and single click to the left of a header (where the triangle would be). It’s not exactly intuitive, but it is single click folding & unfolding. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Burke - I hadn’t found that. Definitely not intuitive (part of my brain still wants to see an icon ;o) but it definitely is the simple action I was looking for!

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Looking at the same topic on the iPad, things are more complicated (or am I missing something?):
I tap the icon on the left of the header and I get a sub-menu with options, like changing header, folding or copy link. I then pick ‘folding’ and then I have the option of toggle, fold all or unfold all… Occasionally the option for toggling is missing. Occasionally the icon left of the header is missing, so I have to tap the header for it to appear.
In comparison the unfold toggle on the right of the header is super easy!

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