Panda release note 1.0(1949)

Good news: it’s Friday.

Awesome news: a new Panda version!

This update took a bit longer than planned, but there are plenty of new shiny things:

  • All-new Stats Bar - Display an optional, always-on counter at the top of notes for words, characters, paragraphs, or read time.
    iOS: Enable it from the More menu in the upper right.
    macOS: Enable it from the View menu (⌘⇧W).

  • Rich media link previews - Tired: Long, ugly URLs. Wired: A thumbnail preview with photo (when available) of the webpage and its title. Use Command + K or the link button in the Edit Bar, then toggle Show Link Preview in the link editing panel.

  • Multi-line table cells - For those times when a single line won’t do, just press Return

  • Link editor panel redesign - Editing links has never been this useful or looked this good (it’ll fit the current theme!)

  • A new font! → Bear Sans derived from Clarika

  • Selected attachments now look like they’re selected (PDFs, images, etc.)

  • Selections on macOS no longer hide some formatting, such as highlighting

  • Edit sketches instantly - With Apple Pencil, you can draw on an existing sketch to immediately make changes.

  • Edit plain links - While in the Editor, tap on plain text links and move the cursor for easier editing

  • Better hiding in code blocks - The first and last rows of a block are now hidden when the cursor is elsewhere

  • New table icons for move/add/delete columns and rows

  • Auto-wrap selected text - With text selected, pressing some characters like ("’[({) will now auto-wrap the selection (basically, Markdown wrappers and quotes)

  • Tags play better with highlighting - Tags appear more prominently in highlighted text

  • Better selection handling - If text is selected in the main Editor and the cursor is then placed in a table, the original selection is now canceled. That’s right—cancel culture comes to Panda!

  • Better style drawing - Various graphics improvements in the way Panda displays backgrounds and formatting, such as highlighting and code blocks

  • Files and photos behave better when placed side-by-side

Thanks for testing Bear

We really appreciate all your help and feedback in testing Bear. In fact, this new test build was entirely a result of your feedback! Please keep it coming, and we’ll be in touch in the forum threads.

Download the App

To try all the new features go to the alpha page:


Wow! Can’t wait to play with these :star_struck:

I hope I can support the display of external chain pictures.


Finally, I hope there is an One Dark theme.

I have been using Panda off and on since it landed in TestFlight.

The more I use Panda, the more I love it, with one notable hitch - The hashtag symbol should open up to show the headings we want to use, instead of having to tap it as many times as needed. Also, the keyboard menu could do with an Agenda-style treatment for formatting options.

Particularly for the hashtag, I feel that should at least be an option for consumers, they can choose between continuing to tap as many times as they want or tap once and tap again for their choice of heading. This option can be given as a toggle behaviour.

I think it would be great to have highlight option to have auto-wrapping

One thing is, hashtag is there not for the headers but for quick tagging. Headers can be chosen in advanced keyboard.

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Oh yes! I now realise why it did not show me my tags… because this is just an editor! Alright, that is resolved! :grin:

However, I would still love to see a couple more of the most-used options as single-tap on the keyboard. These would include headers and lists. AS of right now, the keyboard menu does have a lot of empty space that could be used up.

This version is pretty stable after days of testing it on both desktop and iOS version. Can’t wait to have those new features available for my everyday use of the Bear App !

The re-size button for pictures could be great also for preview link and be able to align left center or right also.

Tables was the main feature I was waiting for it will be a game changer for sure !

Dates are also really nice, it could be great to add any and not only the current.

Thanks for this nice beta version and such a great app ! ^^

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Thanks for giving it a go, and for sharing your thoughts on it!

+1 : if this is not available in the Bear 2.0 with the new Panda editor, I will not be able to use it as I have thousands (!) of notes in Markdown with external images. My diary started in 2004 and is written in Markdown, with hundreds of external images.