Likes and requests

Hi Camila,

Wow! Thank you for all the feedback, and for giving Panda a go.

Glad to hear that you like the folding feature, the table of contents feature, the new bullet options, the nested styles and the float on top option we have.

Thank you for your feedback on the bulleted lists/ordered lists, the suggestion of the separator and the additional highlighter colours, i’ll pass these onto the development and design team to consider when moving forward.

Regarding the images suggestion, you may be in the minority for wanting the option to set all images in a note to be the same size, as this is already available in Bear and not all users were happy with this option.

We wanted to improve the resize options that we had in Bear, as we only had the two (original and thumbnail) and understood that that could be limiting.

Now with Panda, you have more flexibility with the sizing options. The options also are more customisable, working on an image at a time, allowing you to have multiple different sizes for different images, instead of one style for all images in all notes.

This seems to be well received by the community. But i’ll still note your comments on this.

Regarding the side-by-side option for images, this is possible when images are resized to the smallest option available. When resized to the smallest option, two images can be placed side-by-side (iOS) and up to three for macOS.

Link previews are available for Panda, see here: Panda release note 1.0(1949) and a Sneak peak of PDF previews - Feedback needed can be seen over there.

Re: the float on top option, we’ve no plans to amend this at the moment, and we’re glad you like it!

Thanks again for all the feedback, wishing you a Beary nice day!

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