Recommended Improvements for Paragraph + List Item Spacing

I love the spacing and font controls in Bear, but there’s an issue when it comes to apply paragraph spacing across paragraphs and bulleted lists (which many of us use often).

If you increase paragraph spacing to allow for more spacing between bullets (which improves legibility), text paragraphs ends up being pretty enormous, impacting the reading experience of those.

Would there be a way to independently control the spacing of bulleted or numbered lists from paragraphs themselves? You’ll make outliner users (like myself) VERY happy.

Here’s a sample article with paragraphs and lists. In the first screenshot, the paragraph spacing is 0. Notice how close each bulleted item is to the one above it.

In order to give more breathing room for the list items, I bumped the paragraph spacing up to 0.6em, but now the text paragraphs are (IMHO) very far apart from one another which isn’t ideal.

Again, having an additional line item spacing setting (line items ARE NOT paragraphs) would be wildly helpful. Thanks in advance and love the work you’re doing on the app.


I’m gonna 2nd this suggestions!

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yes, this has been bugging me for the longest time. Please add this feature

Hello folks,

this is most likely not happening, for multiple reasons:

  1. we are actively trying to limit the number of preferences inside Bear, the more we add the more complex the app will become (and there is a lot of diminishing return on the amount of preferences an app has)
  2. list’s items are paragraphs, you might not like it, but that’s how it is (they can even contain multiple paragraphs)
  3. I’ve already explained this, but we can either apply the paragraph spacing by semanthic or syntax, the choice landed on the latter so everything in the editor that ends with a newline is a paragraph and it’s going to have spacing applied
  4. Paragraph spacing is already a very niche feature, we prefer to keep it as simple as possible

We’re open to discussing the points here, but you should prepare a very strong argument :slight_smile: