Poetry! We need more control over line and paragraph spacing

It’s hard to format poetry in Bear or import notes with poetry.

There’s no shift-enter for line breaks as is standard in other apps. But we can adjust the line spacing, which works fine. But then the paragraph spacing (spacing between stanzas) is still too large and the settings options only allow us to increase, not decrease, paragraph spacing.

It would be very cool to be able to format line and paragraph spacing per note rather than just globally so that we could develop specialized settings for poetry and not have them apply to every note.


As far as I am aware, there is no concept of shift-enter in the CommonMark markdown, which Bear 2 wants to follow. As you mentioned, playing with “Line Height” is likely the best way to achieve what you described as desired, or at least the closest to it.

If per-note settings are not making the UI too busy for users who don’t want to use them, I’d welcome their arrival at Bear.

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Just turn off paragraph spacing and do a single return to make a line break and two returns to make a break between stanzas. It works fine. it’s by far the safest and easiest thing to apply to all notes.

Markdown is a plain text format. It is simply not designed to handle the nuances of rich text. What it is good for is fast, reliable, efficient production and storage of text, with just enough formatting (bold, italic, bullet list) to convey meaning. Once you have made the text, export it when necessary (quick and easy) to a more sophisticated document type (e.g. docx) and style it to your heart’s content.